Best Pro Wrestling Shows to Bet On!

Other than being a sport, wrestling has been turned into one of the most interesting shows of all time. That is why across the world there are so many wrestling shows.

And if you love wrestling as much as gambles love to play games at top american online casinos, then we have some professional wrestling shows that you need to make that you watch.

Best Wrestling Shows Ever

1. WWE
The WWE is the most famous wrestling show of all time. It was founded in 1952 as Capitol Wrestling but as from 1980 onwards it was called Titan sports, the World Wrestling Federation or the WWE. The WWE had has serval other shows that are affiliated with it like WWE RAW and WWE Smack Down to mention but a few. And trust us, if you love wrestling, this is the show that you need to be watching.

2. Impact Wrestling TNA
As good as WWE was, there are some people who wanted there to be more than one show that promoted wrestling, as such Impact Wrestling came to life. It was founded by Jeff and Jarret in 2004 when the WCW was dissolved. Jeff and Jarret the founders believed that there had to be alternative to the WWE and such, as per their belief went on to create a show to do just that and created Impact Wrestling. There are also best casino games based on Impact Wrestling. You can also bet on whom they think will win the match at sports betting sites.

3. ROH –Ring of Wrestling
Ring of Wrestling is another of the best professional wrestling shows of all time. And while the WWE firmly stands as number one, number two and three are being fought for by Impact Wrestling and Ring of Wrestling. Regardless of their positions, all that we want are good and quality wrestling shows. And as long as Impact Wrestling and ROH give us that, we could care about their ranking positions.

4. Lucha Underground
While the above mentioned will give you wrestling without a solid storyline, here we have a TV series that is based on the Luchre Libre AAA one of the biggest wrestling promotions in Mexico. Lucha Underground gives us a serial drama style wrestling promotion show. We love wrestling but we also appreciate the diversity as well.

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