Most Popular Extreme Sports Worldwide!

The world of sports is moving to extreme levels. There are extreme sports that require skill and great physical ability as it is risky and harmful thereby getting the name extreme sport.

New Sports added to the 2020 Olympics!

Change is inevitable as such, there is nothing that stays constant. That is why even the 2020 Olympics are adding 5 new sports to the list.
When it comes to the Olympic Games, with every four years that they appear new sports are added. And for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we will look at the new sports that are rumoured to have added to the games.

Premier League: Tips for Boxing Day!

English Premier League back to business with yet another Boxing Day! League leaders and Club World Cup winners Liverpool clash against Leicester. The Foxes are in second spot after a superb start to the season, but they are ten points adrift of Jurgen Klopp’s unbeaten pacesetters…

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