As it is widely known, sports betting and predicting the outcome of matches is very exciting and thrilling. That is why so many people try their hand in it and the bookmaking  market is constantly growing. There is a number of different bookmakers and the range of products and services they offer is really amazing. What is important, bookmaking is not reserved only for professional players who know special strategies and are experienced in this field. Practically everybody can try to make bets, since in fact, there is nothing to lose except some money. But, on the other hand, no risk no fun! However, apart from popular sports betting, there are also some more advanced games which require far more skills and experience. For example Supertoto.

Supertoto is a kind of a game in which your task is to predict the outcome of 14 matches. Of course, it is not easy and the chances for making right prediction are relatively small. However, the reward is alluring. The money from all entrant who are taking part in a game go into one pool and are later split amongst those who win. If you are lucky to be the one who wins, you have a chance for receiving a really huge sum. Taking the game procedure into consideration, in order to play Supertoto, you have to buy a coupon which consists of 14 matches, numbered 1-14. because of the fact that Supertoto is a typically European game, both the prizes and cost of the coupons are in euro. However, all costs and prizes are automatically converted to the currency you usually use on our bank account.

When it comes to the winnings, they depend on tree factors. First of all, your prize depends on how many outcomes of matches you succeeded to predict, how many other players managed to predict the same number of outcomes correctly and, of course, how big the whole prize pool is. What is ore, everyone who manages to predict 11,12, 13 or 14 match outcomes will receive a prize. However, if you manage to be the one who correctly predicts all 14 outcomes correctly, you take it all! The prize will be paid directly into your account.

Taking the coupon release into account, new coupons are released every Monday, at 9 am CET. The winnings are paid after the last match of the coupon or within a week’s time (depending on the sum of the prize).

Taking the types of Supertoto into consideration, we have for different forms: Supertoto XL and XXl, and Supertoto Extra and Tennis. In Supertoto XL and XXL, the minimum payout is 1EUR. In Supertoto Extra and Tennis, there is no minimum payout.