All you Need to Know About Esports Betting

Multiplayer video gaming was one of the major drivers that helped promote widespread internet distribution. It also pushed the need for faster service to support Esports.
The first multiplayer games were racing games that used a Plato system. These have led to the most popular multiplayer game Fortnite.

Esports Events Are Huge
Esports events such as League of Legends draw more than 40 million viewers. Prize winnings are close to $30 million.
According to a sports article published by best online us casino, Esports betting is one of the fastest growing types of gambling in the last five years. It is predicted to grow over the next decade.

The Top Esports Games for Betting On
Here are the projected top Esports games from both a professional and revenue position for 2020.
• Valorant (First Person Shooter)
• Fortnite (Battle Royale)
• Esports Genres and How to Bet on Them
• League of Legends (MOBA)
• Dota 2 (MOBA)
• Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (First Person Shooter)
• Overwatch (Combined – MOBA and First Person Shooter)

How to Bet on Esports
Esports is simple in terms of betting. Keep it modest if you’re just starting. The simplest way to bet is a match win where your bet is placed on a winner after reviewing the odds.
The odds generally specify risks. If the odds are long, the risk will be higher. Esports betting is just like any kind of betting. It is important that you know the structure of the odds format. Please note that if you are in Australia, not all aussie casino sites offer Esports betting.

Optional Bets in Esports
Most betting is precisely organized around winners and losers, but as the betting advances, more optional betting strategies are emerging, prioritizing specific team conquests as part of the competition.

Know the Game
If you do not know the game, do not bet. Take some time to research about the games that you would like to play.
Esports Integrity

There is an Esports Integrity Commission that was formed in 2016 to further improve the games integrity and eliminate threats of fraud. So you can go ahead and visit some online Sportsbook, sign up and start betting.