Do sports books dominate the gambling industry?

For a number of years, it has been the case that the largest, and best known brands within the gambling industry, are the ones that originally started out as high street bookies. Companies like William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power etc., Have both a huge online and retail presence. They also spend millions on advertising each year. It is no surprise then, that their brands are by far the best known by gamblers, and the general public alike. Furthermore, this dominant presence has assistant in their successful forays into other sectors, such as casino games and bingo – particularly online.

Using bingo as an example; if we take a look at Which Bingo UK, one will find a complete list of all the above sites mentioned, and other Sports books like Bet365 that have a huge presence in the bingo market in Britain. Indeed, at first glance one might think how do the majority of the other 370 bingo sites listed on WhichBingo make any money? It seems unlikely that smaller stand alone or bingo specific sites, would have the scale or volume to support a business model solely based on bingo. However, the reality is a little more complicated than it first appears.

Understand player mentality

Bingo players, and online bettors in general have become accustomed to a large a varied market for a number of years. Although there are always big brand names, and more popular sites; it is nonetheless the case, that bingo players tend to be very fickle with their choice of site. With so many sites throwing bonuses and offers at you, some players don’t necessarily deposit money. Rather, they jump from one site to another using the free bonus money, and other registration offers, before moving onto another bingo site. This behaviour is also common with online casino games, which often hand out even larger bonuses than bingo games do.

In addition, players when they do deposit regularly might not necessarily wish to go and play on a site where all the rooms are full. Obviously, with more players in a room, it becomes less likely that a certain individual is going to get bingo. Therefore, if a player goes to try a new site, or a site with less players in the room, it is possible they might significantly increase their chance of winning. On the other hand, another important feature for players in bingo (unlike other forms of online betting), is the ability to chat and socialise with Chat Hosts and players alike. Often if you read player comments, to judge whether or not they like or will even return to a site, players decide this, via the quality of their experience had on this site. Friendly chat hosts are essential in concluding if a site will be successful or not.


Having discussed what it is that players enjoy the most about bingo sites, it is clear that sports bookies that pay close attention to the intricacies of the online bingo market, can be successful in this niche. This may be a reason why out of the brands mentioned above, Bet365 is arguably the most popular among bingo players. Nonetheless, it also demonstrates why bingo specific like tombola and Foxy bingo will undoubtedly rule this market for a long time to come. As they know their audience very well.