When the odds meets at Rehab Bingo

Online Bingo is basically a game of chance played to make that extra money online where players play their luck on numbers. Whereas, on the other hand, charity is the act of giving to the unfortunate or the people in need. In such case, the idea of putting online bingo and charity together seems quite odd.

It is known that there are many online bingo sites that organize charity events and contribute a little to the society. But rehab bingo is not just any other online bingo site, it is different.

Rehab bingo is an online bingo gaming site that has been operating from 2005. It is a part of the rehab foundation. This foundation is a facility that seeks for improvement by providing training, employment, health and social care services to people with disabilities and those who are marginalized in Ireland and the UK.

Rehab bingo site has a very dedicated team as they put forth all the efforts to make the gaming experience on their site worth donating. They offer various bingo games as well as casino and slot games that suits all tastes. The jackpots, especially the progressive jackpot, and prizes offered are huge in numbers. Therefore, players don’t only change the lives of others but also can change their own lives.

Rehab bingo started gaining popularity in recent years, and is making a great headway to achieve its goal and offering the best online bingo experience to the players.

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