Tennis Stars Surfing!

Recently tennis has been riddled by suspected match fixing accusations and counter accusations. These accusations have been based on studies which discovered strange betting patterns. While we were going through these articles in the office we bumped into an article on surfing being one of the weirdest sports to bet on. This led to a heated discussion. Surfing has head to head wagers just like tennis. So if it is weird to bet on surfing then it must be weird to bet on tennis.

What would be weird is betting on tennis stars surfing!

With the controversies surrounding betting in tennis it would not be surprising that this could actually happen. After all, it is a strange world! The sport is combating match fixing and yet the Australian Open is being sponsored by a betting agency. Maybe the same agency could sponsor a tennis stars surfing contest at major surfing contests like Rip Curl Pro.

Paul Rivers, a web and communications manager at another Aussie website, Casino Australia indicated that the people love betting on Tennis because it is a year round sport and has a lot of following, which makes it easy to win.
It would be interesting to see Murray and Nadal in the water. This would allow punters all over the world to place head to head bets on tennis stars without any fears of match fixing.

Another interesting contest to have a bet on would be surfers taking it out against each other on clay and grass courts. Tennis matches with De Souza vs Fanning and Medina vs Wright.

It may be the stuff of fantasy sports but people have been known to bet on stranger things. People bet on the royal baby’s first word. A European based online bookie offered 276 to 1 odds that Luis Suarez would bite someone in the 2014 soccer world cup. Some lucky chap walked away with more than USD$3,000 after playing the farfetched bet. Also, on Casino UK, there are various sports betting tips and information that helps new players to know exactly where and how to place the bets.

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