New Sports added to the 2020 Olympics!

Change is inevitable as such, there is nothing that stays constant. That is why even the 2020 Olympics are adding 5 new sports to the list.
When it comes to the Olympic Games, with every four years that they appear new sports are added. And for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we will look at the new sports that are rumoured to have added to the games.

New Olympic sports:

As popular as this game it is a shock that is only being added to the Olympic Games now. The game even has online casino slot games made after it. You can find the slot game at casinoza South Africa. This just shows how common it is.

Baseball originated from Rounders and was popular in Great Britain and Ireland around the 18th Century.

For the 2020 Olympics, we have softball being added to the list to be played by women.

Another game that is just being added to the Olympics is Karate. Wot the number of movies that are based on karate you would think it was always part of the Olympics.

Karate is a mixed martial art sport that includes moves like punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes to mention but a few.

In the 2020 Olympics, there will be 2 disciplines of karate, namely, these are Kumite for both men and women. There will also be kata for both sexes as well.

In a way to attract more millennials to the Olympic Games skateboarding is another of the sports added to the list according to worldbookies. There will be two types’ featured in the Olympics, these are Park and Street.

Park involves skaters on-ramps, including half pipes, bowls, and quarter pies.

While Street will have skaters skating on manmade obstacle courses like handrails, benches star sets, and boxes.

Other sports to be added will include surfing as well as sport climbing.

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