Betting Tips: How to Get the Most from Your Tenner

Traditionally, the average punter has focused predominantly on placing singles, doubles and trebles at a push – but the world is changing. Patent betting and long-term prediction wagers are now popular with bettors and they tend to find that it is often well worth looking at these kind of bets, particularly if unsure about a selection or two.

Betting Tips: How to Get the Most from Your Tenner!

The ‘Lucky 15’ is now one of the most popular types with tipsters and punters alike and three winning selections will more often than not see you make a profit. With that in mind, we’ve provided a quick guide on three different bet types – and you may consider checking these out when you go to place your next wager with the bookmakers.


A patent is essentially a trixie but with the three selections added as single bets. Let’s say you want to place a bet on Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal all to win their respective fixtures this weekend but the Gunners have a difficult trip to face Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool at Anfield. Punters may choose to head down the patent route rather than risking it all on a treble as two winners from three should see you break even, if not make a small profit.

However, one of the main cons to this method is that one losing leg can significantly affect your potential winnings. If your first selection falls short, you will see the ‘possible return’ tumble. Punters can take a look at 888Sport’s guide for more information on patent betting, which provides a well-rounded explanation of this particular bet type. Patent betting isn’t exactly difficult and plenty of research could see you profiting from this particular method in the future.


The accumulator is incredibly popular with both horse racing and football fans and the cash-out option has also helped to completely revitalise the betting world. With the option to re-consider your selections midway through depending on the current score, punters can choose whether to stick or twist; and bettors love having the chance to have much more control over their own betting experience.

In addition, the current betting options has also seen plenty of attention from tipsters in recent times. This consists of single bets with the punter rolling all the winnings from the previous selection on the next outcome. For example, if you place £10 on Manchester City to win at 2/5 and they do, you will have turned your £10 into £14. In the next leg, you will place the whole £14 on the next selection – giving you a chance to bail out whenever you want.


Punters can place a bet for two selections, usually horses, to finish in either the exact order or either order, which is known as a reverse forecast. For example, if you placed a forecast bet on The Last Samuri to win with Rule The World finishing second in this year’s Grand National event at Aintree, you’d have lost. As a reverse forecast, this selection would have won – and it is usually worth spending the extra stake in order to cover both bases when placing similar bets.

Unfortunately, you are restricted to certain sports for this type of betting. The bookies wouldn’t usually offer this market on the Wimbledon Tennis Championship for example but you’d have no problem placing a forecast on an eight-entry horse race. With that in mind, it is usually worth considering this particular type for longer-term bets, such as the two teams to finish at the top of the Premier League table.

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